Seems like Dolly Parton's down with an “Old Town Road” remix

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesIs there anyone who doesn’t want to join Lil Nas X on another “Old Town Road” remix?

After X joked on Twitter that he wanted to do another version of his chart-topping smash with country music legend Dolly Parton and rising rapper Megan Thee Stallion, Dolly responded in a low-key way: She tweeted a picture of the “Old Town Road” artwork, which features two horses, with a pink horse with a blonde mane added in. She also added horse emoji and a unicorn emoji.

To which Lil Nas X responded, “YEE YEE GANG!” with three horse emojis and some hearts.

In the past few days, Bruno Mars has also expressed a willingness to participate in a remix, as has “All Star” band Smash Mouth.

It’s now become an ongoing joke that Lil Nas X will be releasing “Old Town Road” remixes for decades.  As one Twitter user described it, “The year is 2090. Every song in the Billboard Top 100 are Old Town Road remixes. Lil Nas X is president. Every American has been required to send in a 1-minute freestyle to add to his upcoming Old Town Country single. Area 51 has been overrun. You have a pet alien. Life is good.”

Right now, the young rapper, who retweeted that post, just seems to be trolling people. Earlier this week, he tweeted artwork of no less than nine horses, with the caption, “WHO READY?!??!?!”

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